Another great concept that fails to deliver on the food, Hey Meatball left our meatball sandwich desires unfulfilled. Or maybe we just went to the wrong location.

Sandwiches | Queen & Carlaw
Dinner for two ~$30 incl. tax + tip.

First, the highlight of the meal was the bright and sharp side salad — bursting with flavour (pickled veggies, zesty vinaigrette) and crisp greens (arugula, kale, lettuce), and the house-made lemon and cream sodas, refreshingly hitting the spot. However, if we were Thumper’s father, this review would end right here.

Four types of meats are available: chicken, beef, pork, and vegan (oh, and the blue balls they gave us, after our fantasies of chowing down on delicious sandwiches went unsatisfied). The Rodfather included three bland pork meatballs, sized small, topped with tomato sauce (not enough) and basil pesto (too much). The ingredients were all good quality, and the meat was soft, but it lacked the intense, classic Italian red-sauce taste that the name “Rodfather” connotes. The Burger Ball came with three even more bland beef balls, with runny special sauce, lettuce, and pickles. It was flavourless and boring, and the puréed Scotch bonnets didn’t rescue it (by the way, Hey Meatball: how do you have Scotch bonnets, but no Italian peppers or chili oil? Whassamattafuhyou?).

The service was fast, friendly and helpful, and we were asked if it was our first time there, followed by a short tour of the menu, and recommendations.

Cozy, well-kept, and inviting, with communal tables down the side. A decidedly Italian vibe, with jars of olives, pickled beans, and olive oil occupying the shelves on the wall. The mural of three messy kids with sauce on their faces made me wonder how they got so messy, considering the lack of sauce on our sandwiches.

At $4 per smaller-than-a-golfball meatball…you do the math (ok fine, plus the salad; sadly, you don’t win friends with salad).

Other than one guy who looked like he worked at the tattoo parlour down the street, the hipsters had taken the day off on this Tuesday evening.

We didn’t bother taking a look, although we’re sure it’s small and sterile…like their meatballs.

One thing to note: pay attention to the comments and reviews by location. Seems as though the west side is the best side.
Anonymous, Toronto Life: 1/5 stars
Yelp: 3.5 stars (at time of writing)
Banh Mi Boys on Urbanspoon
…and for some reason, they got onto this (maybe we really should try the other location).

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