The 5000lb handmade-in-Naples pizza oven is the star of the show at Pizzeria Libretto, serving real – nay – certified, Neopolitan Pizza. We applaud Libretto for letting the oven shine by using fresh ingredients, keeping a simple no-nonsense menu (no kale pizza here, hipsters) and executing it beautifully. Salute!

Pizza | Ossington & Dundas
Dinner and drinks for two ~$72 incl. tax + tip.

At first bite, this was instantly our favourite wood-fired, Neapolitan style (that’s “thin crust” for you you Pizza Hut eating schmoes) pizza in town.  We started with a simple Margherita D.O.P. pizza to see how well Libretto can execute on the basics.  It was flawless.  A simple, well seasoned tomato sauce.  Just enough basil leaves.  The cheese had melted, the crust had been delicately browned, and the slice didn’t fall apart in a watery mess when we picked it up.  This pizza men and women of Napoli would be proud of Libretto’s Margherita. Next, we had the House-Made Sausage white pizza (i.e. no sauce), with caramelized onions, mozzarella, and chili oil (take a note, Hey Meatball). Again, cooked to perfection, and great flavour was achieved via the fresh ingredients.

This pizzeria is no one-trick pony though.  The Flank Steak Spiducci – skewers with alternating cubes of olive oil -soaked croutons and meat, was delicious and cooked just right. Spoony stuck with the keep it simple theme and got a Peroni, while Knifey was recommended the Quattro – a citrusy, bourbon based cocktail. This was the most refreshing bourbon cocktail we’ve ever had.

Efficient and courteous. Just the way we like it at our Pizzerias.

There was a great buzz to the restaurant and the music thankfully accompanied and didn’t detract from the dinner conversation.  Libretto has also smartly maximized it’s seating capacity, without making you feel as if you’re out on a date with that weird guy at table 2.

Not a deal by any slice; however, on par with most other hip sit down eateries in Toronto. Plus, you won’t find many other spots in town with a giant, Italian, certified-authentic pizza oven.

We came here on a Thursday evening after work.  No moustaches or arm sleeves were spotted. But it is Ossington, so diners beware.

Simple, clean, and a nice little piece of artwork that allows the room to brighten up as your freshen up.

Anonymous, Toronto Life: 1.5/5 stars
Liora Ipsum, BlogTO: #1 Best Pizza in Toronto
Joanne Kates, Post City: #67 on Kates’ 100, 2014
Yelp: 4 stars (at time of writing)
Pizzeria Libretto on Urbanspoon

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